Fodenn participates in the 9th Vietnam International Information Technology and Consumer Electronics Exhibition 2024!

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At the Vietnam ICTCOMM exhibition, Fodden showcased the latest smart devices and solutions, attracting a lot of attention and interest from visitors. Our exhibits were well received, and many visitors showed great interest in our technology. This not only enhanced our brand awareness, but also directly led to multiple potential cooperation opportunities, proving that ourproducts have broad development prospects in the Vietnamese market.


During the exhibition, Fodden had in-depth exchanges with industry experts and other exhibitors, and obtained a lot of information and market trend insights on cutting-edge technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things and artificial intelligence. By participating in various forums and lectures, we learned about the latest development directions and innovative concepts in the field of information and communication technology. This valuable information will provide important reference for our technology research and development and market strategy, helping us maintain our leading position in the industry.

By actively participating in the exhibition's social activities, Fodden has established good connections with many potential customers, suppliers and partners. These newly established relationships not only expand our business network, but also lay a solid foundation for future cooperation. We believe that through these partnerships, Fodden's influence in the international market will continue to increase, creating more opportunities for the company's future global business development.      




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