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Brief introduction

Industrial motherboards, also known as industrial embedded motherboards or industrial computer motherboard, are specialized computer hardware designed for use in industrial applications. These industrial embedded motherboards are usually have higher reliability, wider temperature range, more expansion interfaces and stricter quality control to meet the requirements of industrial environments.

Key Features of Industrial Motherboards

  • 1.Multifunction

     Industrial motherboards are usually equipped with a variety of interfaces and slots, supporting a variety of peripheral devices and expansion cards.

  • 2.Rich I/O

    The input and output interfaces of the embedded industrial motherboard can meet the needs of various industrial applications.

  • 3.Various size

    Industrial embedded motherboards usually come in multiple sizes, such as ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX, etc.

  • 4.Flexible customization

    Industrial motherboards can be customized according to the specific needs of customers.

  • 5.Compatible with multiple OS

    The industrial embedded motherboard is compatible with Windows, Linux, Unix, etc.

  • 6.Diversified CPU Pins

    Industrial motherboards support LGA1151, LGA1150, LGA1170, LGA946, LGA1356 and other models.

Reliable Industrial Motherboard Manufacturers

Fodenn is a reliable industrial motherboard manufacturer, providing reliable motherboard solutions for the industrial field. Our industrial motherboards are tested and validated against strict industry standards to ensure their stability and durability in harsh environments. Our products are widely compatible and scalable, suitable for various industrial application scenarios.  Our engineering team has extensive experience and expertise to provide individual solutions and technical support. Choose us, you will get a reliable industrial motherboard partner to provide a stable and reliable foundation for your project.


Common Industrial Motherboards Types

• Industrial Embedded Motherboards
• Desktop Industrial Motherboard
• Industrial Computer Motherboard
• Industrial Motherboards
• Industrial MiNi ITX Motherboard
• Embedded ATX Motherboard
ATX Motherboards
• Industrial Micro ATX Motherboard


Provides High Performance Embedded Computing

As a professional embedded computer manufacturer, Fodenn can provide high performance embedded computing solutions. We specialize in designing and manufacturing embedded computers with superior performance to meet the needs of customers in various industries. Our embedded computers adopt advanced processor architecture and optimized system design to provide powerful computing power and efficient data processing capabilities, and can cope with complex computing tasks and real-time data processing requirements. We provide customized solutions and technical support to ensure the reliable operation of embedded computers in various working environments.


Application Fields of Industrial Motherboards

We offer the industrial motherboards and industrial embedded motherboards are main applications: industrial equipment, GPS navigation, sewage online monitoring, air online monitoring, instrumentation, professional equipment controllers, military industry, government agencies, telecommunications, banks, electric power, car LCD, monitor, video doorbell, portable DVD, LCD TV, environmental protection equipment, etc.




Digital Signage



Smart retail


Components of the Industrial Computer Motherboard

• CPU: The central processing unit is one of the most important components on the embedded industrial motherboard, responsible for executing computer instructions and processing data.

• Chipset: The chipset is a bridge connecting various hardware components.

• Memory Slots: Memory slots are used to install system memory, providing temporary storage and fast data access.

• Expansion Slots: Used to install expansion cards, such as graphics cards, network adapters, etc., to enhance the functionality and performance of the motherboard.

• Storage Interfaces: Used to connect storage devices such as hard drives, solid-state drives, and optical drives.

• I/O Interfaces: Various input/output interfaces are provided on the industrial computer motherboard for connecting external devices.

• Power Connectors: Power connectors are used to connect to power supplies to provide power to the motherboard and other components.


Industrial Computer Motherboard Presentation

As one of the industrial motherboard equipment manufacturers, Fodenn can provide the best industrial motherboards and embedded industrial motherboards, has the best design team, and can support customized multiple COM/USB interface designs.


  • 1. Fodenn Industrial Motherboards and embedded motherboards
  • 2. Multiple COM/USB port design support easy customization
  • 3. Apply to Industrial control, HMI, Machine vision and edge computing
  • 4. OEM/ODM service with small MOQ required

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