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We provide 15.6 touch screen panel is specially designed for industrial panel tablet PCs, and it is waterproof and can be used in harsh environments. This waterproof industrial panel PC adopts IP65 waterproof design, which can prevent the intrusion of dust, water droplets, rain and other external substances. At the same time, it also has high shock resistance and durability, and can maintain stable operation in the environment of vibration and impact.


A 15.6 Touch Screen Panel Can be Used in A Variety of Applications

• Laptops: 15.6 inch is a standard screen size for laptops, and a touch screen panel can enhance the user experience by enabling touch-based interaction with the device.
• Industrial All in One PCs: Industrial All in One PCs with a 15.6 touch screen panel can provide a more intuitive and interactive user experience.
• Point-of-sale (POS)systems: Touch screen panels are commonly used in POS systems to enable faster and more efficient transactions.
• Interactive kiosks: 15.6 touch screen panel can be used in interactive kiosks for self-service applications such as ordering food, buying tickets, or checking in at a hotel.
• Medical equipment: Touch screen panels are commonly used in medical equipment such as ultrasound machines or patient monitoring systems to enable easier and more efficient interaction with the device.
• Digital signage: Touch screen panels can be used in digital signage to enable interactive advertising or informational displays.



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